Oops!! he did it again! judge lawrence j. o'neil

The current judicial misfire from Court Lawrence J. O’Neil and punished to life imprisonment in 2009, case number 08-116-LJO. However, on close analysis of the situation by United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, case number 09-10418, his conviction was promoted yet the sentence was abandoned and remanded to the District Court for re-sentencing, which lastly, Court Lawrence J. From life jail time to mere 8 years behind bars! Had it not been for Judge Lawrence O’Neil, the situation might not have grabbed all of so much limelight, both in the media as well as amongst the lawful society. Overturning of situations determined by Judge Lawrence O’Neil is quick becoming a norm and also has actually cost the tax obligation payers in Fresno countless bucks. Beating all chances as well as bringing all his experience into play, John Balazs revealed the blatant tyranny of Judge Lawrence O’Neil. This case too led to yet an additional rescinded instance for Court Lawrence J. Judge Lawrence O’Neil careless and also abusive techniques of dispensation of (in) justice have actually not stopped despite his public slamming in the media and also by legal stars. The authorities concerned must wake up from their deep rest and also location Court Lawrence O’Neil in a setting where he can refrain from doing any more damages to the credibility of the Fresno, California, area court.