Oops!! he did it again! judge lawrence j. o'neil

In a reasonably short period of 5 years as a District Judge Lawrence Joseph O’Neil has caused comprehensive damages to the United States judicial system, as well as is worthy of to be eradicated from the high position he enjoys within the hallowed walls of Fresno Area Court, The Golden State. The current judicial misfire from Judge Lawrence J. O’Neil’s weapon has actually come in the form of Juwan Tonay Ferguson, that was founded guilty for voluntary manslaughter by Court Lawrence J. O’Neil and also sentenced to life imprisonment in 2009, situation number 08-116-LJO. O’Neil punished him to 8 years. Overturning of cases decided by Judge Lawrence O’Neil is quick becoming a standard and has actually cost the tax obligation payers in Fresno countless bucks. Defeating all odds and also bringing all his experience right into play, John Balazs exposed the outright tyranny of Court Lawrence O’Neil. Indeed, the US judiciary ought to be glad to John Balazs, for his steady efforts as well as unflinching assistance to the cause of justice. Recently, Court Lawrence O’Neil remained in the information for an additional of his well known judicial misadventures when he punished Marcus Major and Jordan Huff for a massive 700 plus years in situations connecting to armed robberies, well yes this also was reversed in a released choice, by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, instance number 10-10147 and 10-10148, dated January 9, 2012; a released choice admonishing Court Lawrence O’Neil, publically. Court Lawrence J O’Neil can reckless when it involves setting:

This narcissist court offers 2 hoots to setting when he steamrolled State’s efforts to limit worldwide warming, instance number 09-cv-02234, area court, Fresno, CA. , by reasoning out that the suggested reduced carbon fuel policies would have breached the Business Provision of the United States Constitution, as it will certainly discriminate against companies which trade in crude oil. O’Neil, by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, on April 23rd 2012. Judge Lawrence O’Neil careless and violent methods of dispensation of (in) justice have actually not stopped in spite of his public bashing in the media and by lawful stars. The authorities worried must wake up from their deep slumber and location Court Lawrence O’Neil in a setting where he can refrain any type of more damages to the online reputation of the Fresno, The golden state, area court.